Woman/Girls- is it true..?

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that if you don't have s*x for awhile (lets say a year) that your v****a kinda tightens up? that is what a girl told me right before i was going to stick it in. and i could tell that is was hurting already and it was just bearly in. so idk. and if you read all this thanx.




  1. i have heard that too....don't know if its true or not but heres some links that might help....

    couldn't really find a whole lot...sorry.

    when in doubt use lots of should help.

  2. True.

  3. uh, me thinks u got played...

  4. Oh yes that is true.It is true even if it is only for a few months..or you could just be happy in the thoughts that you are bigger then the last yes this is very true.

  5. Yes, this is absolutely true.  I have this happen to me when I go two weeks without having s*x with my husband.  It is very normal and when this is the case, the best thing you can do is use lubrication and take it VERY slow!

  6. For sure that is true...if you have not had anything other than a tampon in there it hurts.....but only for a mintue....♥

  7. you know i dont know alot about girls VJJ but i know that if it hurt that means that shes not ready to do it in

  8. I don't think it actually tightens physically, but if she's unaccustomed to being penetrated it could be painful at first. Start fingering her and stimulating her clitoris before you enter her. It'll be much more pleasurable for both of you and it won't hurt her.

    Have fun!!

  9. Good question


  10. yea its true.....sometimes it hurts like a b***** to have something in there.

  11. I don't know if it happens to everybody, but it happens to me.

  12. it is true.

  13., but great lie if someone is not terribly turned on.

  14. Absolutely! Try some Astroglide, Ky Jelly, or any lubricant it should help.  

  15. when people say girls are "loose" because of having s*x all the time, or because they had a baby, its NOT true. the size does not noticably change.  

  16. the only thing that is gonna help in tightening a v****a is kegals.

  17. Yes, its true, providing she doesnt play with a d***o or insert anything big into the v****a

  18. Dude, it is what is it.  If she had trouble before, then she'll have trouble with you.  We can have an 8 pound baby out of it and still spring back to normal.  Playing some sissy game of "you're too big" is just dumb.  I'd worry if the girl was under 18.

  19. I've heard that, but I sort of doubt it.  I don't know, but I'll let you know a year from October, since my hubby is going to Iraq.

  20. ew, didnt need to know that

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