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okay, what would you do if a pretty girl that you've seen before but never talked to comes up to you one day at school or on the bus & asks what your name is? like what exactly would you say back & what would you be thinking in your head?




  1. tell her your name and talk honestly and no games and lies, ask for goin out to be private and talk more, be yourself.....

  2. Im wondering y but i would think ok and say im josh and start a nice little conversation with her and then try 2 make freinds and then if i still like her ask her out.

  3. same as 2 other guys

  4. if shes cute id talk to her back and get her number, if shes not i would just talk to her for a while and not really talk about anything important  

  5. I would tell her my name back and if she was really cute I would continue the conversation.  

  6. IDK why your asking this most boiz are b******s

  7. i wud be happy about it if she actually was pretty

  8. My name is <BLANK>, then the rest just depends.

  9. id tell her my name and start asking about the sport shes playing that season, ask her if shes been to any of my games, small talk. id be thinking about what to say next because i want to hit her up

  10. i would say what my name is

    and i would be scareed poopless

  11. Why can't I answer this question? What if a pretty girl comes up to me? I'm so answering anyways. I would say my name to her,  probably stutter it from being nervous. I would be thinking at the same time "I wonder if she's bi". lol ;]

  12. i'd tell her my named and ask for her's and at the end of our conversation i'd get that number
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