Why does this make me cry?

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First of all let me explain. I'm extremely modest(clothes wise and personality wise) but every guy I met treats me like c**p. They'd keep persisting even after I'd say no after once. They violate me, abuse me and so on.

Anyway there's this guy in my life who's the first one to ever treat me with respect. He takes no for an answer once and the first time. He respects my boundaries and he never pursues me. He doesn't ask me perverted questions either. Everytime lately in the past few days whenever I think of everything he's done to me and for me I cry. Is it because I'm in love with him and thankful he's in my life?




  1. I'm not sure if you're in love with him, but you may love the fact that you met him.  It may make you cry because you've been treated so badly in the past, and now it's too good to be true.  This guy is amazing for you.  I've had something like this happen to me and I cried when my boyfriend was different.  It's normal.  Us girls can be emotional, it's cute.  Stay with him. =]

  2. awh.maybe he was waiting for the perfect girl and maybe he had found her..its you!=]

    i think your in love.

    he seems like a totally amaziing caring guy.

    what could get better.

    &you sound like a pretty cool gerl.

    i think its love.

    go for it!=]


  3. You cry because you finally found someone who deserves you, when you didn't even know how great you are.

  4. Thank God for him and tell him how much you appreciate his sincerity, and respect.  Tell him that he will be in your prayer list.  Oh and maybe

    you cry because he's special to you and you deserve that special treatment.  Do not mess it up.

  5. Wow, this is the kind of guy that you truly need in your life.  I'm sorry for you that you've had to deal with so many losers up until now.

    I don't know if you see this guy as a friend or something more, and so maybe  you just need to spend some more time with him to figure out which.  I'm sure the answer will come to you.

    Don't do anything with him or feel that you owe him (thus letting your gratefulness make your decision).  This is how a person SHOULD treat you.

  6. you two probably share similar morals and values and you are just over joyed that you met someone who treats you the way you deserve to be treated. it's normal to cry when you are extremely happy :) that's why people cry at weddings plus we are women and we don't need an excuse to cry hehe congrats on finding a great guy! don't let him get away!!

  7. I understand and respect your modesty.  

    It's great you've found a guy that respects you; however, it is only natural for humans to show their sexuality.  It's hard to see how a 28 year old had never had a gf, well maybe he just dated, I guess.  

    You may be having mixed emotions of happiness and warmth, which led to your tears.  

    Be wise when making the decision to move on to a more serious relationship with this guy...

  8. well then you could be his first girlfriend but please be 18 or over (just saying because you never know) and it's because you like him so you can have a relationship with someone you acually like

  9. you are crying cause he makes you happy.

    I don't think that you love him.....get to know him and go on a few dates and wait till yall become BF and GF before you start dropping the love word.

    You sound like you are thankful for him and his actions.

    go on some dates....and have fun. and see where is goes from there.

  10. you could be.its never hard to fall for a guy that treats you well,is good to you and respects're just being emotional coz as you said you have been treated like c**p by guys most times.its normal,i guess you were just emotionally touched by his if you've fallen for him,why not? follow what your heart feels.good luck!

  11. this is good! very good!!!! don't do anything to hurt him or to cause your friendship to end. if i were in your position and he was the first guy ever to, i would be crying too, i don't know why this is but it is kind of natural. it is because you really like him and you are so very thankful you have someone in your life that cares. but he has never had a girlfriend, like when he was 13 or 14 or anything? oh well nevermind me.... just try to get closer and closer with him. good luck! :)

  12. okay he is one in a blue moon i think you love him and i think you should be really greatful to have a real guy around and not some pig i wish i knew a guy like that

  13. He is sensitive and not aggressive. Men are more lousy than not. Take things slowly. The love part will fit in if it's meant too be. Tears are for the WOW  that he makes you feel.

  14. You cry out of happyness. GO out with him cause once you got him you will not be sad. if he loves and respect you he is the right guy for you.

  15. Prolly because its the first person to treat you with respect and its emotional to you

  16. he's a keeper.  he sound kinda like me w/ my previous/first gf.  from what you say, it definitely sounds like its a positive thing.  you should talk to him about your feelings if you havent already

  17. Maybe your really happy and you love bing with him and in love with him. When you think of him you might cry of happiness. I'm glad that he treats you with respect he was one of the few men in the world that know how to treat a woman right.  

  18. Because you are really naive. He might tell you he loves you but he's sticking it in any hole he can find. I know because I'm a guy and I cheat on my girlfriend all the time and she has no cluuuuuuue.

  19. Perhaps your truly in love with him

    IF they're tears of happiness (your probably smiling)

    then you feel happy that he's in your life and loves you.

    Your glad he's not like the others?

    I can't tell you whats in your heart I can only presume

  20. i think u cry because u are finally with a guy who will treat u right for who u are and u have a right to cry out of happiness it's good to know that out there someone is thinking about u and don't let any man or anybody treat u like c**p because u are way better then that i know u are ;)

  21. it's just the first time you  meet a nice guy (I think you should change your guy friends, couse the things you told are not normal)

    this guy is normal and you might be in love, but do not get carried away!!

  22. maybe your crying because your experencing something new.

    My boyfriend never treats me like c**p.

    and we cry because we are happy.

    so they might be happy tears

    or you might have anxiety

  23. The only person who can decide who you feel about this guy is yourself :]

  24. he's 28 and you are...? Ok, it may not matter as long as you are not a minor. if not, explore it. you both may be the best for each other,

  25. I think that it means that you are really grateful to know this person. Its an over whelming happiness. just continue to be grateful and happy. who knows it just might lead some where and if not at least you guys are friends.

  26. I wouldn't say your in love with him. I just think your overwhelmed by being treated so good when your not use to it. I defiantly think you should keep talking to him and trying to make a relationship out it.

  27. The same thing happened to me.

    I think I was sad for two things.

    1) BC he did so much more for me than any other guy and I felt like I wasnt letting him know how much I am thankful for him.

    2) BC I was scared of falling in love w/ him bc I knew that if I fell in love with him, I could never fall out.  

  28. Seems you found a good man, be happy. I believe those are tears of joy though.

    Now if he's 28 and never had a girlfriend, he's either lying, waiting for the right girl (you), or g*y/something else wrong.

    So if you have tears just thinking about him (in a good way) I think you should definitely go out with him and see where it goes. Take is easy though, he's probably very shy if he's a 28 year old virgin.

  29. Because you've finally found one of the few remaining decent ones around, it sounds like to me. Congratulations and have a nice weddding!

  30. Just keep moving forward. If he is the one guy that you have liked and treats you with respect,then tell him you love him and make sure he loves you too! And,if it makes you cry,just stay calm about it and make sure that you spend plenty of time with him,or he won't fell like you do love him. It's probably just hormones that are taking over you,so don't worry too much.

  31. Be thankful.  First of all, after having dated jerks that didn't respect your boundaries physically and morally, of course you are emotional after meeting someone that does.  If you're concerned about the crying, ask yourself how you feel when you cry.  Are you happy, sad, what?

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