At what age men start thinking about settling down?

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At what age men start thinking about settling down?




  1. by settling down do you mean starting a family or as in, like finishing family and getting your kids out of the house lol ^_^

    for kids, well i want to settle down not too long after i get married, hopefully around 20-23

    i want like 3-5 years to just be married and romantic couple. but then have kids and such.

    hope i helped


  2. Everyone is different.

    I guess when the guy finds that special someone theyll settle down.

    I know a 15year old boy who has a baby to his 16 year old girlfriend and they are definatly settled down.Then i know a 27 year old who just hasnt met that person and they act like a teen!

    Everyone is different, dont worry bout it to much.

  3. It is different for every guy, just like it is for every girl.   Most guys I know, I'd say in their mid to late 20's.   Teenagers and young men in their early 20's are often still maturing and are not interested in settling down.   Certainly, by the time a guy reaches his 30's he ponders it very strongly.  

  4. when our legs dont work anymore.

  5. about 30

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