Punjab Hockey Association Women’s wing to conduct National Under-18 Girl’s Hockey Championship

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Punjab Hockey Association Women’s wing to conduct National Under-18 Girl’s Hockey Championship
The National Under-18 Girls Hockey Championship is to be held from April 12 to 19 at Lahore’s National Hockey Stadium, Pakistan.
The competition will comprise of the junior teams from various cities to participate with their players under the age-limit of 18 years.
This eight-day event has been decided to be organised by the Women’s wing of Punjab Hockey Association (PHA) in an attempt to represent the Pakistan Hockey Federation’s (PHF) Women’s wing. Nevertheless, the PHF has taken care of the appropriate administration
of the Championship.
The Federation has selected a panel of technical officials to supervise the event that include Parveen Sikandar Gill as the tournament director with Lubna Baloch and Ghazala Tariq as tournament officers.
Seven judges have been appointed namely Najma Gillani, Uzma Rizvi, Humaira Mughal, Farhat Malik, Saman Rasheed, Ajmal Hameed Butt, Shamim Warraich and Robina Nasreen.
Nine umpires have been announced for the Championship consisting of Shazia Yousaf, Kamran Hussain, Beenish Hayat, Sehrish Ghuman, Razia Rizvi, Chand Parveen, Waqas Ahmed Butt, Haider Rasool and Syed Saima Afzal that will be headed by Rashad Mehmood Butt
as the umpire’s manager.
The PHA President for the Women’s wing, Prof Abida Tanveer has been declared as the organising secretary for the U-18 National Championship and will be assisted by Shagufta Liaqat Randhawa. Moreover, Shahid Khanum has been selected as the event chief coordinator,
who will be assisted by Shahid Nizami and Shafique Bhatti.
Parveen Gill will head a meeting with the umpires, team captains and managers, judges and team doctors on April 11 to provide them with the pre-tournament guidance. The briefings for captains and team managers will be held at 2100 hours, which will be followed
by the meeting with umpires, judges and team doctors at 2200 hours.
Match practice and drills will begin prior to the opening of the U-18 Championship at the stadium, with coaches of the respective teams rehearsing their players for the upcoming matches.
In other developments, a Men’s hockey match is to be held on April 10 by the Voice of Pakistan Hockey (VOPH) at the Islamabad Sports Complex. It has been organised as a tribute to the late Olympian Qazi Mohib.
It was learnt that the two teams playing the match will feature Olympians as well as country’s top hockey players. Moreover, the chief guest for the match will be Shaukat Ullah, the Federal Minister for Sports and SAFRON Engineer.
In addition to the match, the VOPH also has plans to organise a hockey gala at the occasion. This will act as a value-addition to the tribute-match, hence, attracting the public to come visit the venue on the day.



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