I have a girl i like... what should i do?

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There is this girl i like, but I'm afraid to ask her because what if she had a boyfriend that would then want to kick my ***, but then if she says no i'm afraid of "the cool kids" to say I'm a dum***




  1. Become friends with her first, earn her trust and talk so she can get to know you and know you are a good person : ) After some time, look for signs on whether she might like you back. Like does she hold your gaze longer than necessary, physical contact while talking (touching your arm and stuff) does she get nervous around you... If she doesn't like you that way, no sweat. You guys can still remain friends. If she does, then woo her lol :P be sweet but not suffocating. Remember stuff thats important to her (believe it or not hon, we reallyy like to know that our boy's listening to us) If your biggest concern is that her existing or non existing boyfriend may not take it well, then you can discreetly find out whether she has one or not. Ask a friend of hers whether she has one or not. Lastly, forget about the "cool kids". Don't think about them, don't worry about them. Those kids tend to loose a place in your life almost instantly after schools done. They're just regular joes anyways. No need to be afraid of them.

    Good Luck with your Girl!!  

  2. well, be friends with her first.

    get to know her and see if she's single or not.

    don't rush into things.

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