Why is puberty just starting?

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I'm 18 6' 145. I've been this size for about a year. Hair just starting to run up my legs. I've had armpit hair for probably six months. And whiskers starting to sprout. My upper legs are still bald. Why was my puberty stage so late and spread out, my voice was deeper than a 30 yr old man at 16 or 17




  1. Your voice can change before or after puberty, its perfectly normal you just have a late start. There are many people that start late its your hormones, each person is different no worries.

  2. I was a late bloomer.  No pubes until 16.  At 18, I was 5'4" tall.  The next year, I grew 7" and am now taller than the rest of my family.  

    Have you let your doctor know of your concerns?  If the doctors aren't doing anything to jump-start your growth, they must feel that you are on schedule for YOUR development cycle.  Try to be patient.  

    It will all work out in the end and being a late starter does have it's benefits.  As you get older, you will have a more youthful appearance than others your age - I promise that will be a good thing.  It worked out for me and I have no doubt it'll work out for you.  I know it's frustrating, but try to be patient.

  3. What about ejaculation? When did that start? Its a good indicator because while you can have an o****m before puberty you usually wont ejaculate.

    You are just a late bloomer

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