What is the avrege size for a 13 year old?

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im wonderign what the avrege size of a 13 year olds p***s it? i am 13 and my d**k is 5,2" long when erect it this normal?




  1. Normal is an over rated thing. There is no such thing as normal.  

    In the case of the all mighty family jewels.  At your age your number one concern has to be, is it all in working order.   You have eyes and hands so use them to examine your self.  If the opportunity arises maybe do a quick test run.   You wont need an instruction manual as things will just come together.   Don’t worry you wont go blind.  

    Now as for the size.  

    With out knowing how big your body is over all, it’s a big ask at saying are you a good size.  Most adults are around 6 inches.  That then say you are on track.  But honestly its size really is the last thing you need to worry about.  Personal health is the one that matters.  

  2. Wow, that is miniscule. The average p***s at 13 is 9 inches long. There are other options to your mid-life crisis:

    p***s pump

    p***s implant

    s*x change

    That is all I have.

  3. thats bigger than most of the 13 year olds i know. it'll keep getting bigger though.

  4. who cares what size it is! are you happy, that's what counts

  5. thats bigger than some 13's i know. usually theirs are like 4 1/2 inches

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