Masterbation leading to prostate problems??

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im a young healthy 18 year old guy, and i just have a couple questions on whether masterbation could be an issue. i have noticed that i wake up 3 times a night just to pee. its usually when i m********e that day and it lasts for like almost 3 days. its also harder to pee when i do try. could it be from an enlarged prostate? thanks for your help




  1. You may have what they call prostatitis. See the web link below.

    At 18 years old you should not already be having these problems, but wait until your older, most men eventually have prostate problems.

      See a doctor, he'll give you a prescription. A general practitioner or a urologist. Don't be shy, doctors see all aspects of people's bodies and problems all day long, day after day. It's routine and maybe even boring to them.  

  2. Actually it is good for you prostate

  3. Masturbation doesn't lead to prostate problems. You may have a prostate problem, but it's not from masturbation.

  4. Sounds like a bladder infection.

  5. I was also finding that some nights I had to get up and go for a pee maybe twice through a night.  

    Why does it always have to happen when you have found a perfect comfortable and warm position?

    I am a tea lover and would drink 4 or 5 cups through the evening and maybe some water.  I stopped drinking a most of this tea and water. That is after my evening meal.  Thats not to say I wont drink any,  but I found having just a single cup of tea and maybe a glass of water and go to the toilet before bed saw me not needing to wake up and go during the night.

  6. I think you just drink too much water or liquid... not masturbating

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