I am having trouble finding who i am!?

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First of all I am a sophomore and 15 years old. I am having trouble understanding my personality. I am a very social person but yet I find myself having very few "best friends" but yet I have many friends that are very different. I know that I have suffered from inferiority complex even though i have tried extremely hard to stop this from bothering me. I constantly want to meet new people but I am shy and often don't really know how to. It also upsets me that after going out for a night as soon as I get home I already feel very lonely. I also live in an area where there are few people my age so school is the only place where I get to be social during the week. Besides all of that I go to an all boys catholic school so I might hang out with girls every other week. The other thing that is the hardest to understand about myself is even though I consider myself as attractive and I have an athletic body with a great personality, I have a hard time getting girlfriends. If it is any help to answer my question my personality type is ESFJ.

Does anybody know why I might have such an ironic personality? Thanks to everyone that gives a helpful answer. I hope no one with leave negative or otherwise non-helpful comments.




  1. your not alone dude. many ppl are trying to find themselves, it might take a while. try not to get depressed or discouraged, jus be confident in what you do and how you do it. sometimes to meet new ppl you have to step out of your comfort zone. join a group, play sports, jus stay involed in activities and friends will come along. i would blame your dating problem on the all boys school... i dont think its healthy, LOL... BUT NAW SERIOUSLY LEAVE THAT SCHOOL PRONTO. school is the easiest place to  meet girls. jus think, in school you sit by girls, play with them, learn with them, talk to them, your jus around them. this all boys school is depriving you of female interaction. ask your parents to leave it ASAP.... good luck

  2. i have a very similar personality and everything is the same for me and it s hard but you know sometimes things are what they are and we cant help but look on the bright side at least you have some friends some people don't have any at all. and the thing with the girls be patient god a the perfect girl for you in your future someone that will love you the way you are.

  3. I know how you feel just try to be yourself.

  4. OMG i think you are my soul mate. I am going through the same thing. I cant decide who i want to be. i dont have any best friends either, i have people i talk to at school but not at home. i cant find people like me or people who like me for me. i dont think you have an ironic personality, you are still trying to figure out your personality. i dont know if im girly, tomboyish, punky, or whatever. one moment i will be one then the next moment i will want to be something else. you are just going to have to keep changing until you figure out which personality is most like you, which one you can get the most friends who like "YOU" one day the right one will come to you. hopefully you find the best one.

    i want to get to know you! i think we are just alike

    my email is

  5. i am sorry. but you are the only oone who can say who are why you are. it took me a 3 month visit to virginia to find that out. take a trip or do something. but what ever remember its about you,

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