Has anyone ever bought a Xbox 360 on Ebay?

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im just wondering if there were any problems with the xbox you bought because im looking to buy one, but dont know if ebays the best place to look.




  1. no im not willing to take the risk of it being messed up or something

  2. will all the problems the 360 is having, i wouldn't do it.  just buy a new one, it'll automatically come with a 3 yr warranty for the RROD.

  3. My cousin bought one on ebay and immediately got the red rings of death, then turned around and sold it again on ebay. It could eb a good buy, but you could end up getting a broken hunk of junk. Best bet would be to buy a new one from a store if you can afford it.

  4. I got my 20GB Premium 360 for 159.99 CDN including shipping, and I paid for custom fees or tax's. I've had it for about a month and no problems so far. Make sure you buy from a reliable seller.

  5. i think it's a matter of luck. you may get an excellent one, just like a new console or you may get on old, even a RROD'd one. you can try and if it doesn't work just sell it again on ebay as it was a new one :D

    my advice is to avoid getting the lowest one when it comes to prices. but be aware, the most expensive ones are almost always the worst :)

  6. I bought mine from Best Buy along with the 3 year extended plan; ours worked wonderfully for a year and a half (pwned on Halo).  One day it just wouldn't load games, for no reason?  So, I took it back to Best Buy and they walked over to the gaming section and pulled out a brand new console out of a sealed box, wrote down some numbers - handed me my hard drive and a brand new console.  Did I tell you they gave me a brand new console, no questions asked, brand new...

    I love Best Buy extended insurance.

    To answer your question: I have not and would not buy an Xbox on eBay.

    Good luck

  7. Yes, I have. It is the best way to go if you are looking to buy a game system. I have bought a 360, playstaion 3 and a wii all off of Ebay and they turned out great..... There has not been any problems with any of the systems, and they were great deals. I even got 5 games with my Xbox 360. :D

    So dont worry about getting a bad product. You will be pleased. :)

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