What is Teminism? I required very short answer.

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What is Teminism? I required very short answer.




  1. It is the process of formation of an intermidiate DNA on the body of a RNA inside the host cell to produce RNA of its own kind.

       As the scientist "Temin" discovered the process , accroding to his name it is named so. Generally the process is going on in the body of genetic RNA found in some virus.

        The intermidiate DNA is produce out , as the RNA do not have the capability to synthesize of its daughter RNA. the RNA is always synthesize out from DNA.  

  2. I assume you mean Terminism.

    "Terminism is the Christian doctrine that there is a time limit for repentance from sin, after which God no longer wills the conversion and salvation of that person. This limit is asserted to be known to God alone, making conversion urgent."

    The very short answer is that God is only willing to wait for you to repent for so long.

    The very very short answer is, "yet more made up nonsense."

  3. Howard Martin Temin

    Teminism - In 1958 Crick proposed the central dogma of molecular biology: However, in 1963 Temin reported that in some cancer viruses a reverse flow of genetic information takes place. Certain RNA tumour viruses synthesize DNA, which in turn codes for protein. Temin's hypothesis, put forward in 1964, is that in RNA tumour viruses RNA replicates through a DNA intermediate.

    This was confirmed by the discovery of an enzyme which makes DNA from a RNA template. It was also found that if the RNA of the virus was destroyed by the enzyme RNase, then DNA synthesis was prevented. This suggests that RNA is acting as a template for DNA synthesis.

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