Do humans eat 8 spiders in a year while sleepin........?

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i dont get it i saw in the net that humans eat 8 spiders in their sleep every year wat it means i mean how would they eat it and whyyyy???????




  1. i don't think it's true but they have said that we eat spiders while we are sleeping.....

  2. Some people get midnight munchies. They might be too lazy to go all the way to the fridge, so they just grab the nearest spider.

    Crunchy! :)

  3. Well I have heard that, and if you are sleeping and a spider drops from the ceiling, you are most likely to eat it.  Sorry, I know it is horrifying.  Ever since I found out I have slept with my face in the pillow and one of those princess insect net type things hanging over my bed!


  4. the average is some can swallow up to 8 in there life whilst sleeping, but whos average? I know I havn't don't I????? I just couldn't!

  5. Stupid urban legend.

  6. yes i heard it was 8 in a lifetime.

    apparently they go into your mouth while you sleep,

  7. i heard that too but i heard it was 8 in ur lifetime...i dont believe it!

  8. They drop from the ceiling or crawl into your open mouth  while you sleep.  

  9. WEll as you know spiders are everwhere.. there could be hundreds in your room and you wouldnt even know about them. Yes, since sleeping is an action that you cant control your mouh stays open and spiders just tend to crawl right in :S We are not made eat them so no one knows why... They dont eat them. The spiders just go down your throat

  10. It's an urban legend - check

  11. No this is purely a myth.

    A human mouth would never be a very inviting place for a spider and one is hardly going to drop from the ceiling into it. Even if that did happen, you wouldn't subconsciously chew a spider and swallow before it crawled back out.

    Eating spiders is more likely to come from our food than to be eaten in our sleep.

    Q12 of this quiz further elaborates the point.

    Hope I helped and put minds to rest!!

  12. I don't think so,there are hardly any spiders over here where I live.

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