Is there a job as a zoologist that I can specialize in only zebras?? :?

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Is there a job as a zoologist that I can specialize in only zebras?? :?




  1. There may be but you would probably starve to death looking for it. Instead, major in zoology as an undergraduate and mammalogy as a graduate student. You can work with zebras for your graduate research if you have a decent research topic. When you graduate, you will be in a good position to try for a job dealing with zebras, if there is one, or to take another job to pay the bills.

  2. Yeah, I there is.

    Some possible careers could be: zoologist, researcher, zookeeper, ...

    Some degrees:



    Animal Science

    Ethology/Animal Behavior

    Wildlife Biology

    Zoo Science/Technology

    Animal/Exotic/Wildlife Management and/or Training

    And here are some places you might want to work:

    Equid research and conservation

    Grevy's Zebra Conservation

    Saving the Endangered Grevy's Zebra

    Horn of Africa Conservation Center

    Conserving the Grevy's Zebra in Kenya and Ethiopia

  3. Sure!!  After you have gotten your degree"S" you can pick any specialty field you want....HUGS!!

  4. yes but studying one specific animal also means you will need to study its environment and other animals that affect it. and you will still need to study as a zoologist in general and then move in to specific studies after that.

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