What does a giraffe sound like?

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What does a giraffe sound like?





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  4. moooo

    only joking.

    i dont think they make any noises.. =\


    • Giraffes can moo, hiss, roar, and whistle.

    A lot of people think that giraffes don't make any sounds, but this isn't true. Usually they're silent, but at times, they do make some noise!

    * Calves (baby giraffes) bleat and make a mewing call.

    * Cows (female giraffes) seeking lost calves bellow.

    * Courting bulls (male giraffes) sometimes let out a loud cough!

    * Also, giraffes have been heard snorting, moaning, snoring, hissing, and making strange flutelike sounds!

    For centuries, biologists believed giraffes were the mute giants of Africa's plains and forests -- silent sentinels gazing to the horizon. In recent years, however, new techniques and technologies have allowed scientists to listen more carefully -- and realize that giraffes may be talking after all. Just not in a way that we can hear.

    Over the last few decades, biologists using special microphones, recording equipment, and computer analysis programs have realized that whales, elephants, and some other animals were using extremely low-frequency sounds -- far below the range of human ears -- to communicate.

    These low-pitched sounds are known as "infrasound," and they have at least one remarkable property: they can travel farther than higher-pitched noises through the air and earth. Such long-distance communication is a must for animals, such as giraffes or elephants, that can be spread over vast territories. Elephants, for instance, may be able to communicate with other animals up to several miles away.......

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  8. Giraffes don't have vocal chords, so they don't grunt or say anything.

    A trampling of hooves and a munching of leaves may occasionally be heard from them.

  9. Sounds like nothing!

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