How bad are cicada killers

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this thing




  1. Wow so weird. I just found these in my front yard today! I had no clue what it was. Check out here

    There is some info. From what I have read they dont seem to bad for your yard or are likely to sting. For me they are right in the path of where we walk, so I really dont know what im gonna do yet. I might try and catch the one I saw and move it out into the woods.

    Hope this helps. I guess this is their prime time for coming out.

    Oh I even saw about 4 cicada carcasses by the hole. Pretty neat!

  2. I was so glad to see you called these cicada killers. I have told people about cicada killers for years and they claim they never saw one.

    Living in Texas I have seen hundreds. They fly fast and low to the ground looking for cicada emerging from the ground.

    I think alot of people must think they are bumble bees.

    Oddly enough, scary as they are, I don't know anyone that was ever actually stung by one.

    When agitated, they will chase you, I know that.  

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