Why do caribou and reindeer have such large racks?

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Why do caribou and reindeer have such large racks?




  1. Caribou and reindeer are the same animal.  Reindeer are the domestic version of caribou.  They are the only members of the deer family that have been domesticated.

    They have large antlers to fight each other during rut, to breed the females.  A male caribou that can grow a large rack, and still be healthy and vigorous during breeding season is a male the females will want to breed with.  The antlers take a lot of energy to grow.

    Female caribou also have antlers.  They are the only female memebers of the deer family to have antlers.  Females grow smaller antlers than the males.  They also grow them later in the season.  The females grow the antlers to be able to compete with the larger males during the time of snow.  The females will be pregnant, and will require the best of food, in the extremely sparse vegitation of the tundra.  With the antlers they can drive the males off from the best spots.

    Moose have the largest antlers of any member of the deer family.


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  2. to pick up boy caribous and boy reindeers

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