Is it preferable to buy auto Ins through an agent or direct from the Ins co.?

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what are the pros and cons?

I seem to remember Mike Finny from_& on yr side recommending going through an agent. Do not remember the reasons.




  1. Well, if you go direct, and you have questions, or want an opinion, how much are you going to trust the answers here on Yahoo?  

    Having an agent doesn't necessarily cost more, and they have "pull" with the company.  Additionally, they might have insight to extra discounts, or be able to work around problems that you might have with the discount.  

    I'm biased, but I *always* recommed using an agent.

  2. If you are entirely comfortable with your auto insurance knowledge when choosing appropriate liability limits, selecting types of collision coverage, deciding the optimum deductible levels, choosing no fault coverage options where applicable, choosing medical payment options where applicable, coordinating your auto insurance with your health insurance, getting additional discounts for multiple policies then it is probably OK for you because you realize that price has to be balanced with coverage. Failing to do that could be a catastrophic financial blunder.

    If you don't mind talking to someone different every time you call about your insurance it is OK to go direct.

    If you don't mind getting advice from an unknown person with an unknown level of training then it is OK to go direct.

    If you don't mind being on your own when it is claim time it is OK to go direct.

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