The Mossad and 9/11 ?

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whats the deal with this is there a conspiracy on this or what Ive heard people mentioning mossad could have had something to do with 9/11 did they or is it just another random conspiracy




  1. Another random conspiracy, but at least it's a bit different.

  2. It is certain they did. They are very clever and devious, it's not random, if you are interested, it is something you can quickly find out,(not from taking the word of those on this forum).

    Check out Jim B's (no relation) links, they're pretty conclusive.

    Edit-the fact that many of his links have been removed should give you a clue!

  3. This began when some one claimed that all the Jewish people who worked in the towers were told not to come to work that day. It has all been proven to be false. No conspiracy.

  4. I head about it,but what i've heard was different...i heard was that the mossad told the CIA that osama ben ladin or a terrorist cell i cant remember will hijack a plane and crash it in the WTC

  5. Its time to put this one to bed. Everyone knows who was behind 9/11 but as with every major shock event in the world there has to be any number of conspiracies. The list is endless, the Titanic was sunk for insurance, Princess Diana was killed by British secret service, JFK was killed by everyone and his mother except Oswald on his own and Aliens crash landed at Roswell. The mossad theory is the latest in a long line. Last year it was the CIA so they could get extra funding from the government.............whats next?

  6. just to start with

    it's ironic how many attack the messenger but ignore the message.
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