What are the best Holiday Gifts Under $20 for newborn babies

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What are the best Holiday Gifts Under $20 for newborn babies?
Incase you didn't know, Newborn babies don't yet play with toys; their entire lives revolve around sleeping and eating. Keep this in mind when choosing a holiday gift for a newborn, and you won't go wrong. Fleece SwaddleMe blankets, starting at $9.99 and available at Babies 'R' Us, are wonderful gifts for fussy sleepers. Convenient Velcro tabs keep the blanket wrapped tightly around the baby, comforting him, and the fleece fabric keeps him warm during cold winter nights. Bibs and burp cloths, available at discount and specialty stores and usually available for under $10, will help keep the newborn in your life clean and dry.
I am open to other gift ideas for newborn but price must be under 20.

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