17 With Newborn Baby ...?

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hello im 17 about to be 18 september 8th and i have a 2 month old baby .. i was wondering if i can apply for emergency housing or housing in the state of virginia being that im only 17 ? because i have to leave my house once i turn 18 ...




  1. omg y do u have to leave ur house thats so dumb n ur only 17 with a baby u can come live with me or become a stripper n get a babysitter for baby go to college then quit strippin wen  u got a real job yes life is hard i got a hard life to

  2. very sad.  maybe you can get thug (or whoever the baby daddy is) to help you out.

    really really sad.  In reading your other posts, you have been trying to get knocked up for the past 2 yrs.

    It has happen, so live with it.  As a tax payer, I'm not willing to help.

  3. all i can say is dont go to project payday

  4. Your best bet is to find a private renter, which means someone who is renting out their home, not an apartment community who cannot "bend" any rules. A private renter can rent to you if they want, and you can ask that they begin your lease the day you turn 18, if your parents will not co-sign or guarantor a lease somewhere for you. Your parents do have legal obligation to house you, though, until you are 18. If they force you to move sooner, you can be granted independent by the courts and then you can lease anywhere. Good luck...

  5. Emergency housing?   What?   Are you expecting a flood?

    get a job and start saving those child support checks.    You need to find your own place when you turn 18, your birthday is not an emergency.

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