Does Pilates promote weight loss through cardiovascular exercise

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Does Pilates promote weight loss through cardiovascular exercise? Short answer is, Pilates does not promote weight loss through cardiovascular exercise as some programs do. As stated in lots of different places, Instead, the 80-year-old system developed by Joseph Pilates promotes weight loss through the development of lean muscle tissue.  As you may already know, Lean muscle requires more energy to fuel it than fat does.  Any woman with more lean tissue will be able to lose weight easier than someone without the muscle tone or someone who has less lean muscle.
Pilates also works to decompress the joints, making it a natural partner to chiropractic therapy. That means that she can help people recover from injuries even faster than with chiropractic care alone.
She is also a post rehab specialist, having been taught by a physical therapist how to assist people making the transition from physical therapy back to a fitness program. Pilates is designed to make the entire body “functionally fit” and is good for helping to relieve stress and depression and help people with movement limitations regain some strength and balance and freedom.
My pilate teacher sees a great many clients who come in after using a home Pilates tape to see “if they’re doing it right” or because they have injured themselves trying to follow a tape without any instruction. In those cases, she can help clients to gain a more full understanding of Pilates, improve their techniques and venture beyond the 30-minute workout to a more whole body approach.

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