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MahJong Solitaire game may be found on  Another basic online MahJong Solitaire game may be found on This game is by Infospace and seems to me to be just the right thing for those few minutes of down time at the office. This game has a timer that begins at zero and tiles that are of the traditional Mah Jong design. There is a button for starting a new game and selected tiles are outlined with running black-and-white dashed lights around their perimeters. When I played this game and had no more moves that I could see, I did not get a 'No More Moves' message or sound.
Somewhat similar to the aforementioned Mah Jong Solitaire site is the one offered by The background picture is of the Great Wall of China and the tile layout is on top of that. In this game, there are no sounds. However, there is a place for you, should you bookmark this site, to keep track of how many games you have played and your best time. As you play, you can see how many free tiles there are in the current game.
Included are buttons that give you a hint, allow you to undo a move, or start a new game. Because no sounds accompany your tile selections you must rely on sight. The tile you have clicked will turn black with the characters in colored relief.

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