Newborn Christmas Gift??

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So I will be having my 3rd in Oct. In our house we do birthdays and christmas BIG -- I want to be able to have a gift (or more) for the newborn (no we don't know the s*x), we have so many "baby" toys from my 2 older ones, in storage that there's really nothing "new" on the market. The Only thought i had was the V.Smile Baby Game System....we have the toddler one.

Thoughts? Does anyone Love the Baby system? Anyone have another idea??




  1. I think now is the perfect age for an heirloom gift of some kind. A beautiful child sized rocking chair or wooden toy chest with their name on it, etc. Something that they can have for the years to come and pass down to their children!

  2. is one of the best sites for all baby products….they have an amazing interface and a ton of content and products…its a great place to get ideas...…Here is a link for some discounts as well if you are interested…

  3. My parent always bought a Christmas ornament every year that reminded them of something about me so they could remember when it was on the tree. That sounds like a good idea.

  4. The baby is going to be newborn and won't understand or realize it's Christmas.  Love is the best gift of all. Next year, when the child can actually rip into gifts, have your big Christmas!

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