Is this the Best Baby Shower gift ?

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I have read several sites where they recommeded diaper cake as the best baby shower gift. There is this site that I saw that has good instructions on how to make a diaper cake

Can you look at this and tell me i this procedure is good ?





  1. the diaper cake sounds really cute but my favorite shower gift was a boppy pillow for nursing, but that would only work if the mom is nursing. otherwise my babybjorn was the 2nd favorite. don't know if this was any help. Good Luck!

  2. Everyone loves a cute (and delicious) cake!! I say go for it! =)

  3. Making a diaper cake is a really neat idea, and it usually makes a great center piece!

  4. diaper cakes are beautiful and neat but i wouldn't say that they are the "best" shower gift. i actually haven't received any diapers because i will be using seventh generation brand diapers and they are really expensive so i have just chosen to get other gifts.

    i do make diaper cakes for other people's showers because they are so beautiful and fun for me to make but i always add in other stuff like some socks and onezies and bottles or something that they registered for.  

  5. I personally think the best thing isn't a diaper cake it's something to help the parents or baby when they get older. Maybe something like a little college thing.

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