West Indies v Pakistan - West Indies First Innings - 35-50 overs Report

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West Indies were in deep trouble and stuttering at 104 for the loss of five wickets at the end of the 35th over.
CS Baugh was batting at 4 and MN Samuels was at 21, while, were on from the bowling side.
Abdur Rehman bowled a maiden 36th over of the host’s innings. Then the Pakistani Skipper replaced Hafeez with another off-spinner,
Ajmal bowled the 37th over and gave away just three runs. The home side moved on to 107 for the loss of five wickets.
The left-arm spinner resumed his bowling and got the wicket of the Caribbean wicketkeeper,, on the second ball of the 38th over.
Baugh missed a straighter one from Rehman which was tossed up at full length. He got his man by having him trapped plumb in front of the wickets.
The West Indians lost another wicket at 107 as Rehman finished his over, just giving one run.
After the wicket of Baugh the Caribbean Skipper came into bat in a very dreadful situation.
He started playing sensibly along with his senior partner, Samuels. Ajmal started the 39th over with a new batsman on the crease. He just gave four runs in that over as the West Indies moved on to 112 for the loss of six wickets.
The home side was truly under pressure by the Pakistani spinners.
Rehman started the 40th over of the innings and bowled the first five balls of the over superbly, however, Samuels hit a defiant six on the last ball, taking the total to 118 at the loss of six.
The pair went on playing patiently and responsibly, building a handy partnership between them.
The duo went ahead full speed, hitting boundaries whenever they could, however, a stunner by washed away their plans. Sammy again lofted a ball straight over the head of the bowler in the 49th over but before the ball could sail over
the boundary, Akmal rushed in from long-off and took a stunner of a catch.
With the catch, the hosts lost their Skipper at a very crucial juncture. At the end of the 50th over, West Indies were 145 for the loss of seven wickets as was batting on naught and Samuels was at 44.



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