Manchester United’s 19th League title: Stuff of the Champions! (Part 2)

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Manchester United’s 19th League title: Stuff of the Champions! (Part 2)
Adding to the difficulties was the Rooney saga, coupled with missing the midfield steel for almost three seasons now (a clear reference to the continual absence of Hargreaves), one of the best performers of their 2010 campaign, out for a better
eight months, one of the best right-backs of his generation retiring due to a growing number of injuries, it could only have been a club with mental toughness and astute leadership capabilities of Sir Purple nose to guide them through the season.
No team could have this much under their plate and still come out on top with their top scorer on the bench for most part of 2011. No player could have this better a debut campaign than a certain Chicharito, whose main strength is not his physical attributes
(almost essential to survive in EPL)., who was certain to be on his way out in January of 2010 looks like a world class winger now who continued to bamboozle defenders at will. The player who hasn’t started many games since April, tops the scorers and assists charts this season.
Park, who continues to be a big-match player, even after his Asian Championship duties, provided the necessary bench force to mount a serious title challenge to the defending team who had invested £70 million just in the January transfer window!
Even the Wazza, who was inconsistent for most part of the season, chipped in with vital goals and contribution when needed. Even his redefined role of pulling the strings from midfield appeared to come to him naturally.
The team’s keeper Edwin Van der Sar, who at the age of 40 will become the oldest player to appear in Champions League Final on May 28, gave them the defensive reassurance alongside the captain marvel They provided the defensive mainstay, along
with who had a below-par performance contrary to his usual high standards.
In absence of the passionate Ferdinand, Chris Smalling at a nimble age of 20 provided the defensive back-cover only a few could have hoped and expected. The twins of Rafael and along with Gibson, gave the versatility and much needed cover; be it in
defense or midfield.
Knowing that the legs of Giggs and Scholes still have that magic of the 90’s; cannot drag them along the length of the season single-handedly anymore; everyone chipped in with their fair share of contributions. You may try and pick one player out of the
team to be your Player of the Season, but in my humble opinion it was the whole squad that was ever-present and fit (I’m referring to you; team and medical staff). The Managers who embrace the fact and do something to address the problem will continue
to reap rewards while others who stick to their stoic methods of breeding young players and refuse to change their methods and learn from their past mistakes, will continue to suffer season after season and will still not get the plaudits only few can really
aspire to---The Champions.
The write up bears the views of a diehard Manchester United fan



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