Pakistan v West Indies – Second Test- Day four-76-90 overs report

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Pakistan resumed their second innings on an overnight score of 202 for the loss of three wickets in 75 overs with opener,, was on 13 runs at Warner Park Saint Kitts. started the opening over of the day with Misbah on strike. The skipper smashed him for a boundary on the second ball of the day and took a single on the fifth ball of the over.
Pakistan were at 207 runs for the loss of three wickets at the end of the 76th over.
The opposition skipper,, started the second over of the day and bowled superbly, giving away just one run in the over.
Rampaul came back for the 78th over. Misbah played the second ball of the over off his pads to mid-wicket for three runs. The next ball was cut off the back foot by Taufeeq Umar for just a single. Rampaul went for naught on the next three balls.
The visitors were at 212 for the loss of three wickets after 78 overs.
Pakistan scored only one run on the next two overs, and in the 81st over, Misbah smashed three consecutive boundaries off Sammy to break the shackles, so Pakistan cruised to 225 at the end of the 81st over.
In the next over, Rampaul put the breaks on Pakistan and gave away only two runs. On the second ball of his over Taufeeq Umar reached a milestone and scored a well constructed and deserving hundred off 249 balls, decorated with 10 spectacular boundaries.
 In the next over Sammy contained his counterpart and did not allow him to play his strokes freely. He just gave a single off the last delivery of the 83rd over.
The 84th over was a rare maiden by Rampaul. He bowled well and did not offer any width to the right-handed Misbah. Sammy bowled an exceptional next over and it could have been the second maiden over of the day but Taufeeq played a cut shot off
a very wide delivery to deep cover for a single.
They both kept on playing their natural game and did not lose their patience through till the 90th over. Misbah and Taufeeq's partnership put Pakistan in a commanding position.



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