Chicago Cubs clobber Boston Red Sox, 9-3: MLB Update

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Chicago Cubs clobber Boston Red Sox, 9-3: MLB Update
The batters were outstanding throughout the game as Chicago Cubs defeated Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park, Boston, on May 21.
The first two innings passed away without score for both the sides. Starlin Castro was struck out swinging for the Cubs while the Red Sox’ first baseman Adrian Gonzalez flied out to centre-field position in the first inning. The middle order scored runs
for both the teams as the openers fell down in the initial innings.
The Cubs added their first run during third inning when Aramis Ramirez doubled to left-field position and Kosuke Fukudome posted one run to give his team a 1-0 lead. On the other hand, the Red Sox went ahead with 2-1 in the fourth inning. David Ortiz hammered
a 354-feet long homer to the left field spot as Kevin Youkilis scored one run. The fifth inning was score-less as the pitchers threw the ball in perfect spots.
The Red Sox were on top in the sixth inning also as they took a 3-1 lead when Jacoby Ellsbury singled towards the right field and Carl Crawford scored a single run. Jason Varitek moved to second base in no time. No score was added in the seventh inning and
the score-card was unmoved.
Jed Lowrie did not add a single run for the Red Sox and went 1-for-2. He was frustrated with the playing conditions as he said, “Overran it, misjudged the wind. The conditions have been tough all year. It's no excuse, just got to play it. What can you do?”
During eighth inning, the Cubs stepped on the gas and the batters contributed eight runs in it to give their club a convincing 9-3 lead. Castro, Ramirez, Darwin Barney, Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Pena, Reed Johnson each added single run while Fukudome posted
two runs. The Red Sox’ fielders were outclassed as they committed some throwing errors also, that’s why the Cubs gained run-scoring opportunities.
The ninth inning remained empty for both teams. Speaking to reporters, Johnson said of his game, “I was just trying to come in every day and keep doing what I was doing. I was working on a lot of things in the (batting) cage. You're nervous. You never want
to see something like that.”
The Cubs’ starter, Carlos Zambrano pitched 5 2/3 innings with an ERA of 4.88 and gave away three runs on seven hits.



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