Women’s National Club Championship for the first time in American Hockey – USA Field Hockey

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Women’s National Club Championship for the first time in American Hockey:  Hockey News
The United States (USA) Field Hockey announced its first ever Annual National Club Championship (NCC) for girls. It shall be held in Richmond, Virginia from July 21 to 24, 2011.
The venue decided for the event is the SportsQuest, a campus of 250 acre area located in Chesterfield County. This venue hosts the events that are relevant to recreational enjoyment, youth development and high performance athletes in a total of 20 Olympic
amateur sports.
The NCC will be featuring the top field hockey clubs from across the United States (US), battling for the grand title of the 'US Top Club Field Hockey Team' of the year.
The US Field Hockey is the governing body of the sport in the States and is affiliated with a list of 250 member clubs in the country. Therefore, NCC is not less than any grand opportunity for these clubs to fight amongst each other at a highly competitive
The Executive Director, Steve Locke commented that this effort of NCC, within the National office, has taken place for the expansion of the game ‘field hockey’ at the regional level. The NCC has given a recognition and reason for the establishment of these
clubs. Winning such an event shall undoubtedly be a prestigious victory for a club. It will also develop a hope of new talent that will get attracted, in the local areas, towards the game. Thus, participating in the qualifying events and eventually, making
up their path towards the top in the National team.
It is expected that from 2012 onwards, the club teams shall precede to the Championship after undergoing the regional qualifiers set up for them. This shall enable the US field Hockey to recognise the best club teams in the country to compete in the NCC
for the title.
However, due to unavailable past regional event records, the NCC was subject to the registration, opened on the February 1, 2011, of the club teams interested to participate. Only the clubs affiliated with the US Field Hockey were allowed to register.
It was previously decided that the championship will be for sixteen U19 girls’ teams and sixteen U-17 girls’ teams. Each team was allowed to register one team for each age group.
However, due to the high participation demand at this event, the NCC has been now decided to host thirty two U-17 and thirty two U-19 teams with a 100 percent rise. Such an increase will create more competition level and more teams to try for the National
Championship Title.
In this scenario, the Managing Director of Olympic and Athlete Development, Laura Darling said that they were quite excited about hosing the first ever annual NCC. It was a treat to watch the clubs so passionate about the event, which is great for the nurturing
of the sport at the club level.
Terry Walsh, High Performance Technical Director said that NCC will undoubtedly create a new level of competition amongst the club teams and will give additional training, outside school, for the young athletes to enhance their game skills.
The thirty two U-19 teams registered are ADK, Aim Field Hockey, Buffalo Hurricanes, Cape Ann Coalition, Colorado Mustangs, East Coast Field Hockey, East End Field Hockey, Extreme Field Hockey, Focus Field Hockey, FSC, G-Force Field Hockey, high Styx Field
Hockey, High Voltage, HTC Field Hockey Club, IAS-Select, IFHCK, Jackals, Key State Field Hockey Club llc, Marojoka Hockey Club, Mavsports, MYSTX Force, NC TarDevils, PA Mavericks Field Hockey Club, Pennlanco, Quik Flyers, team Pittsburgh, The Edge Field Hockey
Club, WC Eagles, Worcester County United Field Hockey Academy and Xcalibus Field Hockey Club.
The waiting list of the U-19 club teams comprise of Coyotes, Washington Wolves, Sound Shore Tigers, KaPow Hockey Klub and Rampage.
The thirty two U-17 teams that got registered are Aim Field Hockey, Cape Ann Coalition, Club Applebee, CNY, East End Field Hockey, Farfield County United, Focus Field Hockey, G-Force Field Hockey, HTC Field Hockey Club, Hudson Valley, IFHCK, Jackals, Key
State Field Hockey Club llc, Maryland United Field Hockey Club, MYSTX Force, NC TarDevils, Pinnacle Field Hockey, Seacoast United, Shore Field Hockey, South Jersey Edge, Spirit of USA, Spitfire, SportsQuest Flyers, The Edge Field Hockey Club, The Gaels Field
Hockey Club, The Greene Turtle Fells point Field Hockey Club, True North, Viper Field Hockey, WC Eagles and Xcalibur Field Hockey Club.
The waiting list of the U-17 club teams comprise of Coyotes, Worcester County United Field Hockey Academy, FSC, and Team Pittsburgh.
For the National Club Championship event, JBS will be the official Housing Service and will provide all hotel accommodations for those taking part in the event.



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