West Indies v Pakistan - Second Test- 15-30 overs Report

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West Indies v - Second Test- 15-30 overs Report
After 15 overs, West Indies were at 50 for the loss of two wickets with at the crease. Bowled the 16th over which was his fourth. Earlier he had bowled three overs and all of them were maidens.
He bowled the first five balls of the 16th over with the same exceptional line and length, however, the last ball of his over went for a boundary rather in an unfortunate way. Bravo edged the ball with only one man in the slip region who missed
the ball and consequently gave the Caribbean four precious runs. were at 54 for the loss of two wickets at the end of 16th over., the hero of the first Test match, was operating from the other end. He bowled the 17th over of the West Indian innings and took the all important wicket of Sarwan on the first ball.
Sarwan was stumped by a superbly by Muhammad  The West Indians were at 59 for the loss of three wickets after getting four byes and a single on the last ball of the Ajmal’s over.
Samuels and Bravo stuck in the there and got their eye well in. They started to build a partnership. The duo dealt with the Pakistani spinners remarkably.
Finally, the duo forced the Pakistani Skipper,, to bring some pace back in the action. was back into the attack for the 22nd over and bowled exceptionally well, giving away just three runs.
Ajmal bowled the 23rd over and conceded only one run as the Caribbeans reached 69 for the loss of three.
However, the West Indian partnership went on unbeaten as the hosts crawled to 94 for the loss of three wickets at the end of the 30th over.



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