Wenger defends Giroud

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Arsenal’s manager, Arsene Wenger has gone on to defend Giroud and has insisted that the towering striker is looking to prove his worth to the club, and that he is desperate to prove himself and do well for the North London club.
The striker has been getting a lot of stick by the media, because he has not been scoring as many goals as they expected him to score. At the same time, many feel that he has a lot to do, in order for him to fill the gap left in the team by Robin Van Persie’s
Giroud cost the Gunners a mere thirteen million pounds, which by today’s standards really isn’t a lot. However, he has managed to score seventeen goals for the team, which  is not bad at all. However, critics feel that he could have scored a whole lot more
goals, should he have been a little more focused on the pitch.
Despite all the criticism that he is getting from the media, Wenger has gone on to side with his striker, and has insisted that he is bound to improve on his already impressive performances.
The Gunners boss has highlighted that the striker has just what it takes to be amongst the best out there, and that it is only a matter of time before he goes on and steals the show and the hearts of every fan. "He has good physical potential," Wenger
told reporters. "He wants to play every single game, he has a good basic stamina and he can absorb the games.”

"He can absorb the body to body [challenges] because he's a strong guy. I think you will see more from him next season, and there's a lot more to come from him.”

"He is very extrovert but as well he has a basic positive nature. He wants to do well, he is desperate to do well, but he is not the one who hides afterwards.”

"He stands up for what he has done and I feel he deals quite well with that."
With Wenger supporting Giroud and the way he is playing, it seems like the player will only improve from here on for the club.


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