Sebastian Vettel expects Ferrari to be very strong in 2013 Bahrain GP – Formula 1 news

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Sebastian Vettel expects Ferrari to be very strong in 2013 Bahrain GP – Formula 1 news
Red Bull Racing driver Sebastian Vettel has said that he is expecting Ferrari to be very strong in the 2013 Bahrain Grand Prix after seeing their amazing performance in the third race of the season.
Fernando Alonso of the Scarlet team delivered an incredible performance in the Chinese GP at Shanghai International Circuit and claimed his first victory of the season. He qualified for third grid position and completely outpaced his main rivals, Kimi Raikkonen
of Lotus and Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes on the race day. He showed inspiring pace in the race and was more than ten seconds ahead of Raikkonen at the end of the race.
On the other hand, Vettel could only secure fourth place finish in the third round after taking a start from ninth grid position. Although, he seemed really strong during the race, but faced few difficulties with his race strategy due to which he failed
to secure a podium finish.
The German driver has said that the Italian squad have made some significant advancement in their car due to which they have been able to perform extremely well in the last race. He also said that Ferrari have managed their tyres really well in China and
he is expecting same performance from them in the forthcoming race.
Besides, he expressed that they are trying their best to make the most out of their car and to manage their tyres well in the approaching race.
“Certainly they do a good job on Sunday,” Vettel said. “If you take those three races - in Malaysia they had only one car in the race - but it was pretty clear already in Australia that they seem to work well with the tyres and therefore have a very strong
pace on Sunday. So I don't expect any difference here; I expect them to be very strong again, but obviously we are not looking too much at others. First of all we try to look after ourselves and I think there is a couple of things we can do better working
with the tyres.”
Let’s see how the youngest three-time world champion performs in the fourth race which is to be held at Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir on April 21, 2013.



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