San Diego Padres win 7-2 against Los Angeles Dodgers to sweep series - MLB News

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San Diego Padres win 7-2 against Los Angeles Dodgers to sweep series - MLB News
The San Diego Padres stand at a 5-10 win-loss record in the 2013 regular season. The numbers are far from pretty and look ordinary until one realises that they have won the last three of their games. The put the icing on the cake, all wins were in away games
against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium.
Their latest win came in on Wednesday April 17, 2013. Prior to the series, the Padres were 2-10 and were looking down the barrel early.
The fact that the stadium had more than 52000 fans makes it sweeter. This is the first series sweep by the Padres at the Dodgers home since 2006.
The win has significance as it not only allowed the Padres to sweep the series but also the fact that it came against Clayton Kershaw adds some importance.
Manager Bud Black was thoroughly pleased by this and knows the value Kershaw has in the game.     
"You've got to be ready to hit against him," Black said. "If he's not the best pitcher in the league, he's in the top two or three.”
The hitters were not bad either and three homers were seen flying off the San Diego bats. They started off in the fourth innings when their team was down by a single run. They got three at the top of the fourth and added a run in each of the next four innings.
The Padres had 13 hits in all and committed no errors. On the other hand, the Dodgers had 10 hits and committed a single error as well.
The manager felt that the group hitting well together was a good sign. He knows that the pressure will be less when everyone is contributing.    
He said, "For us, when the group is hitting, it takes the pressure off everyone. It was sort of contagious. It's great to see. It was great to see the long ball."
This is a great sign for the San Diego ballclub who have yet to make use of the services of their star hitter Chase Headley who is currently making a comeback to baseball after a Spring Training injury. His return on the back of some good form can help the
team move in the right direction right away.
"We played a couple of good games," Black said. "It was big. It starts with the pitching. But I think some guys are getting close to their marks [offensively]. It was a well-played series by us."
The San Diego Padres have all the skills that are needed to succeed at the highest level. Should they make use of the resources well, there is the likelihood that they may have a winning season as well as make a birth in the post-season.



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