Los Angeles Kings edge Columbus Blue Jackets 2-1, stay Number 4 – NHL Update

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Los Angeles Kings edge Columbus Blue Jackets 2-1, stay Number 4 – NHL Update
The 2013 National Hockey League (NHL) Stanley Cup Playoffs are right around the corner now and teams are getting into desperation mode as the Los Angeles Kings played a tight game and managed to stay in fourth place by edging Columbus Blue Jackets 2-1.
Surprisingly, the Columbus Blue Jackets are now in the playoff race as well and just may be in this year’s playoffs for the first time in over 10 years as they stand number eight in the Western Conference with 49 points, but are just three points from being
taken over by ninth place Dallas Stars and 10th place Detroit Red Wings.
"It's fun – it's the best way to get into it," Los Angeles Kings defender, Matt Greene said. "Get that playoff atmosphere right away. They're battling for points, and we are, too. So it's a good game to get into."
Getting home ice is a very important to teams at the moment right now and staying fourth or above will make that happen for them as an advantage. Anything below that will give the upper for the advantage.  The Los Angeles Kings, winners of the 2012 Stanley
Cup Finals, are tied now with San Jose Sharks, who stand number-five with 55 points as well.
"We're just looking for home ice," Greene said. "That's it. We got to eat up points. We got to just keep playing good hockey going in. It's always good to go in on a high note, and that's what we're trying to do."
Kings top defenseman, Drew Doughty, kicked off the scoring with his sixth goal of the season with more than half of the opening period to go. Columbus equalized the match midway through the second period as Dalton Prout scored his first NHL goal and leveled
the contest right then and there.
Kyle Clifford scored the winning goal late in the second as both goalies blocked all remaining shots after that to finish the match 2-1 with Los Angeles Kings as the winners.
"Five games, seven nights, three different time zones," defenseman James Wisniewski said. "We've done a pretty good job. We're disappointed with this loss, but we'll forget about it."



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