Premier League teams step up Cavani chase

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A number of Premier League clubs are now looking to step up their chase for Napoli striker, as it has now been hinted that the striker is willing to make the move away from the Italian side, in order to develop his career and become an even
better player.
The likes of seem to be interested in making a move for the player, should he be made available for the right price.
The Uruguayan striker has been the talk of the town recently, and had been a prime target for just about everyone out there. However, he had previously not been willing to leave the team, which is one of the reasons for the Premier League clubs not making
a move for him.
However, with his mother now coming forth and clearly stating that he is willing to leave Napoli in the summers, he has jumped to the top of just about everyone’s priority list, as a vast number of teams are now looking to sign the player.
His mother, when talking about her son and his future with the Italian side is reported to have said: "He has told me he wants to go elsewhere and to leave Napoli"
 "Edi doesn't know what will happen yet. Naples is a city that lives for football. The affection of the people is marvellous and I have always told my son, 'You can go anywhere, but nobody will love you like they do at Napoli.'”
Cavani has gone on to score a very impressive twenty four goals this season. That record alone tells you just how good he really is. Apart from that the player has been picking u quite a few assists as well. He has currently helped the team claim the number
two spot in the league, making his worth go up even higher.
He has a fifty three million pound buyout clause in his contract, but should a team be willing to buy him, they could secure his services for less than that, should they be able to negotiate a deal with



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