WR Wes Welker takes back comments over contract negotiations with New England Patriots - NFL News

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WR Wes Welker takes back comments over contract negotiations with New England Patriots - NFL News
It did not take long for wide receiver, Wes Welker, to take back his comments regarding his contract negotiations with the New England Patriots after news emerged on Friday that the Patriots were not too pleased with their star receiver’s public discussions
over his contract.
The Boston Globe reported that the franchise was not impressed with Welker’s comments on Thursday to the media in which he said that his contract negotiations with the Patriots had gotten worse after he signed his one year franchise tender.
On Saturday, Welker sought to clarify his position and said during an engagement with the media that he had used inappropriate words.
"That was probably a bad choice of words, saying they've gotten worse,"  
He went on to add that he is completely happy after signing the franchise tender.
"They've pretty much -- they've stayed the same. I'm franchised for the year and I'm completely happy with that."
He continued.
"I say the same because it's a franchise tender. It was a bad choice of words because it's still one year, nine and a half (million). It's the same. It's the same contract."
Even though the wide receiver had not made much headway with the Patriots regarding a new long term deal, he chose not to hold out of the team’s Organised Team Activities (OTAs).
Welker will earn $ 9.5 million for the year if a new deal cannot be agreed upon till July 16
and will become a free agent in next year’s offseason.
The wide receiver expected to get a new deal earlier in the offseason after performing brilliantly in 2011-12 and helping the Patriots reach another Super Bowl final.
Welker had the highest receptions in the National Football League (NFL) last year after combining brilliantly with quarterback, Tom Brady.
With 122 receptions for a gain of 1,569 yards and nine touchdowns the wide receiver laid down the marker as one of the star receivers in the league.
He went on to add during the interview that he will take part in the OTAs and will be concentrating on playing the game he loves.
“I think you can get caught up in it and react silly sometimes. But you know what? We're getting to play a game that we love and there's no need to get into everything else about it."
For now it seems likely that this will be the last season for the 31-year-old at the Patriots as a new deal looks far off for the player.



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