New England Patriots use franchise tag on WR Wes Welker - NFL News

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New England Patriots use franchise tag on WR Wes Welker - NFL News
New England Patriots have used their franchise tag on wide receiver, Wes Welker, to buy more time for the franchise to negotiate a new long term deal.
The Patriots and Welker could not reach an agreement on a new long term deal before the March 5 deadline and with no other option left other than losing their star receiver the franchise went for the tag.
The franchise tag will keep the wide receiver at New England for one more year and both parties will be looking to get a new deal done as soon as possible.
According to the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), Welker is expected to receive around $ 9.5 million for the next season.
The Patriots announced the decision on Monday in a statement on their official website.
 "Wes Welker is a remarkable football player for our team and has been a vital component to our offense and special teams since we traded for him in 2007. Utilizing the franchise designation allows both sides more time to try to reach an agreement, which
is the goal. Wes remains a contractual priority and we are hopeful that he will remain a Patriot for years to come."
Welker’s contract was the main concern for the Patriots this offseason as once again the wide receiver showed his worth with some brilliant performances throughout the regular season.
The 30-year-old covered 1,569 yards in 2011-12 with the second highest yard gain in the league and made the highest receptions with 122.
He also scored nine touchdowns to help the Patriots win the American Football Conference (AFC) Championship and reach another Super Bowl final under coach Bill Belichick.
Welker though would want to forget this year’s Super Bowl match after his horrific dropped catch in the final period of the game ended what looked to be the Patriots game winning drive.
His dropped catch returned possession to the Giants and led by quarterback Eli Manning they made the most of their opportunity as they ran out the winners in Super Bowl XLVI.
Welker has not given any comments as of now about the tag but will be relatively happy to stay with New England and it is just a matter of time before he gets a new long term deal.



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