David Price claims the vacant BBBC British heavyweight title by defeating Sam Sexton – Boxing News

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David Price claims the vacant BBBC British heavyweight title by defeating Sam Sexton – Boxing News
On Saturday night, David Price did what was expected of him. The 6 feet 8 inches tall British pugilist went on to claim the vacant BBBC British Heavyweight title by defeating Sam Sexton via TKO in the fourth round of their bout, at the Aintree Equestrian
Centre in Liverpool, England. Price is now the first ever domestic heavyweight champion of the nation and is looking forward to achieve more.
During the third round of the bout, Price had gained control over Sexton by delivering a ferocious right hand. As soon as round four started, Price twice knocked out Sexton on which the bout was stopped. In the post-bout conference, Price spoke his mind
out, expressing his goals for the future. “The build-up to this fight felt like a long time. There was a lot of pressure so to wake up British and Commonwealth champion is a great feeling. It just the beginning of something big. To fight in the States in July
would be ideal but at the minute I don’t know what’s happening. We will sit down at the end of this week and see who is out there for voluntary defences but it has to be someone to bring the best out of me,” Price stated. He added, “If there is nobody then
we will look at other options but certainly going to America would be great to let them know about me.”
When asked if he is going to take up the Klitschko brothers, Price replied negatively saying that it is too early to make such high claims. However, he did say that he always needs someone big to fight to bring out his best.
Price is currently an unbeaten fighter with 13 victories on hand. He was asked if he is planning to take on Tyson Fury but Price again put down the question saying Fury is a natural fighter but there are no plans to take him on. For now, Price has plans
of getting back to his training facility once he has had some time out with his family and friends, celebrating his victory.



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