Amar’e Stoudemire wishes to see Steve Nash in New York Knicks uniform - NBA Update

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Amar’e Stoudemire wishes to see Steve Nash in New York Knicks uniform - NBA Update
Steve Nash's contract with Phoenix Suns is maturing  at the end of this season. This development has created a sensation in the world of NBA. Almost all of the franchises are out on campaign to rope in one of the best point guard
in the history of basketball.
Some are coming up with huge contracts and other are using moderators to entice Nash. One such team that is in a dire need of a seasoned point guard is New York Knicks, especially after the injury of Jeremy Lin. Recently New York
Knicks’ centre Amar’e Stoudemire issued a public plea that he wants to see Nash in Knicks’ uniform next season.
“Everyone knows that Steve loves New York and that New York loves Steve,” Stoudemire told The Daily News. “I love Steve. It would be great to have him here next year.”
Steve and Amar’e played for 6 seasons together before Stoudmire chose to leave Phoenix in 2010 and became a free agent. Now he wants to see his former 38 year old teammate reunited with him, as Nash is becoming a free agent in
July 1st.
If Nash decides to go for Knicks then Stoudemire will be the one benefiting most from him. He is at his optimum performance when contemplated by a sharp point guard who can provide him with the ball inside the paint. Yet again
same has been done by Jeremy Lin. The franchise will have to decide between two, Lin or Nash because keeping both at the same team wouldn’t make much sense. However they can’t undermine the fact Nash is in the twilight of his career and will run for 2 or maximum
three seasons.  On the other hand Jeremy is at the prime of his game and youth.
Moreover Nash has clearly stated that he want to be a part of a contending team and the way things are Knicks are nowhere near that equation. Nash has a clear leverage towards the Southern beach and Miami Heat can provide him with
the ideal contract and playmates.
The combination of Big 3 plus Nash will result into a guaranteed championship team. They have the salary cap space and can beat Suns’ two year 20 million offer. On the contrary all Knicks can offer is a mid level exception, around
5 million a year, clearly not that attractive.
Things might be different if Knicks still had Mike D’ Antoni, his statute might have compelled Nash to play for New York as there is a perfect spot for Nash in his system.
Nash is the player with all the potential to steer a team into championship, he averaged 12.5 points and 10.7 assists per game in this season. It was his 3rd consecutive season averaging a double-double.
If Knicks’ really want him that bad (undermining Lin) then a suitable personality on the head coach position will support their claim.
As for Steve he is still weighing his options, as a source close to him concurred that.
“Ruling out anybody at this point.”



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