PCB inter domestic tournament clashes with Champions League- Cricket News Update

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PCB inter domestic tournament clashes with Champions League - Cricket News Update
The commencement of the second Champions League was thrown into doubt following the announcement of Pakistan Cricket Board’s own Senior Inter- domestic tournament. Both competitions are scheduled for a late May start, leaving players in confusion
regarding which tournament to opt for.  
The league is planned for a May 21 start, with the final being staged on May 31 - while the month long inter-domestic tournament will begin from May 25.
The organizers of the league have already shown their disapproval, claiming that the PCB has intentionally programmed its tournament during the PCL time frame - and has not extended any support in staging the event, which aims to revive international cricket
in the country.
 “The PCL has been arranged to bolster Pakistan’s image but the PCB hasn’t co-operated at all. They could’ve easily delayed the event by a week or two,” organising member of the PCL revealed to The Express Tribune.
The troubled league is featuring forty teams in total, including 16 from Karachi and 17 from remaining regions of the country. In addition there are seven international club level teams ,,
Phoenix Medicine (UAE), Dammam Cricket Club (Saudi Arabia) and Youth Cricket Club, which will also be taking part in the event.
The major hindrance comes from PCB, which according to reports have made it clear that players can only feature in one tournament. The board’s stance did not go well the league’s management, who feel that the undue pressure from PCB would ultimately force
players to miss out on a potentially breakthrough event.
“We’ve received complaints that some of the participating teams have been pressurized to opt between the two which is not a wise thing,” said a organizer.
“The strength of our side has been reduced and we’ll be missing our prolific run-scorer in first-class cricket,” said Mohammad Omer, who is Burewala’s Allahabad Cricket Club team manager.
PCB when contacted, have rejected all allegations and claimed that they simply wanted to stage their own event before the month of Ramazan.  
“Ramazan is close and that’s the only reason we’re staging our event early,” said a PCB official.



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