Oakland Raiders’ wide receiver Denarius Moore ready for new challenge – NFL News

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Oakland Raiders’ wide receiver Denarius Moore ready for new challenge – NFL News
Oakland Raiders’ wide receiver, Denarius Moore, was so impressive during his rookie season that nearly all defensive coordinators have devised strategy to counter him during the 2012 National Football League (NFL) season.
However, Moore seems unbothered by the new challenge as he prepares to face his opponents in his second season.
Due to the NFL lockout, Moore was unable to attend the organised team activities (OTAs) last year after being selected as 148th overall pick in the 2011 draft.
Since nobody actually knew the potential of the player it was expected that he would serve as backup in the season, but when the team’s training camp began before the start of the season Raiders’ management was forced to give a second thought to the player’s
position in the team.
Moore performed remarkably well during the training camp and was able to earn playing time for the preseason games.
His consistent performance during the preseason games earned him more playing time during the regular season, and he did not disappoint the decision makers.
Moore started 10 games while playing 13 in which he caught 33 passes and registered 618 receiving yards while scoring five touchdowns.
Raiders’ opponents in the 2012 season have already pointed out Moore as a potential threat while devising a strategy to counter him, but Moore is fine with that.
According to Comcast SportsNet Bay Area, he said of the new challenge:
"I still don’t look at it any different. I just come out and do the job I’m supposed to do, understand what the coaches want and get my timing down with the quarterback and understand that we have a connection."
Meanwhile, Raiders’ quarterback, Carson Palmer, has also appreciated Moore’s performance, saying that he played brilliantly during his rookie year.
However, Palmer maintained that there were still a few things left for Moore to learn and hoped that he would display even better performance in the next season.
The quarterback said of Moore:
"He made spectacular plays, he made tough plays, he made easy plays, plays in the return game, plays in the running game on blocking, but also in reverses. He kind of did a little bit of everything. I think this year he can kind of really put it all together
and kind of be a complete player."



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