Arsenal’s Robin Van Persie to miss Netherlands friendly against England

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Arsenal’s striker and Dutch goal scoring machine, Robin Van Persie is going to miss out on Netherland’s upcoming friendly against England.
The striker was part of the Arsenal side that lost to Benfica by two goals to one, this past Saturday and even went on to pick up a knock in the game.
During the first half, the striker was brought down and looked to be in some discomfort. Following the start of the second half, the striker went on to stay back, as his troublesome ankle ended up being the cause of his problems. Van Persie managed to open
the scoring in the game, but in his absence, the team failed to really get anything out of the match.
The extent of the player’s injury has not yet been confirmed, but from the way things are looking at moment, it is highly unlikely to see the striker participate in any activities before the start of the season. As a result, the forward is expected to miss
out on Netherlands upcoming game.
Following the conclusion of the game against Benfica, Arsene Wenger was quoted to have said:"It is an ankle problem, I don’t know how bad it is"
It seems like Arsenal’s age old injury luck has struck again. The team has not been able to go through any season in recent history, without seeing a number of their key players get injured along the way. Due to these injuries, the team usually ends up underperforming,
which in turn leads to them finishing the season without any silverware.
Van Persie has been one of Arsenal’s most injured players in recent history. In fact, the player has gotten injured so many times, that he has earned the reputation of being made out of glass.
Last season, Van Persie went on to sit out most of the first half and didn’t return to the team until the first of January. However, following his return, he went over the top and scored eighteen goals in the league.
Nonetheless, this season, Arsenal aren’t going to be so heavily reliant on the services of Van Persie alone. The team has gone on to land from Lille and he is going to prove to be a crucial member of the Gunners squad, irrespective of whether Van
Persie is injured.
Should the Dutch forward be out for a lengthy spell, the Ivorian would step in in the centre and fill for the striker, while on the other hand he would play down the flank, when Van Persie is a part of the team.



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