Derek Jeter becomes the most-capped player for the New York Yankees – MLB News

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Derek Jeter becomes the most-capped player for the New York Yankees – MLB News
New York Yankees’ captain and All-Star shortstop Derek Jeter made history yet again when he surpassed the legendary Mickey Mantle to become the most-capped player for the Yankees when he featured against the Baltimore Orioles for his 2402nd career-game
on Sunday, August 28.
The 37-year-old elevated in personal glory after adding his name to yet another category on the Yankees’ all-time leader board. Earlier this season, Jeter became the 28th player in the history of Major League Baseball to record 3000 career-hits
and the 14th player to do it with one team only. He also became the first player in a Yankees’ outfit to achieve the feat.
Jeter is in his 17th year at the Majors and has played for the Yankees since his debut. His entire career has been mesmerising, to say the least. In 2402 games for the Yankees, Jeter has accumulated 1754 runs amid 3059 hits and averages .313 with
the bat which, given the duration of his career, is awe-inspiring.
The living legend did not know that the games-played record was up for stakes this season until early this season when someone mentioned that he is in touching distance of the record. However, Jeter shunned all talks about comparing himself to earlier players
saying that all players and records are precious in their own way and comparison does not hold any significance.
"I don't even think you're aware of anything like that," Jeter said. "When you first come up, you're just trying to keep your job and stay here as long as you can.” Jeter was of the opinion that when targets are set early in the career, seldom are they met.
Rather, one should aim at staying for a longer stretch on the circuit and records come themselves.
Jeter said that he has always taken pride in playing for the Yankees and it is his job to stay fit and play more games which, without doubt, has been his trademark. The Yankees’ number-two already leads the Yankees in stolen bases, at-bats and hits. He is
nearing 10,000 at-bats and one good season should take him past that number as well. Jeter is in-line to surpass Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig for most career-runs and career-doubles respectively.



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