Arsenal’s Nicklas Bendtner wants centre striker place in Barcelona match as Robin Van Persie absent

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Arsenal’s absent
Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner has claimed that he will be the best choice for a striker in the absence of Robin Van Persie, but only if given a chance to play as centre striker. The 23-year-old striker wants to spearhead the Arsenal attack against Barcelona
as Van Persie’s knee injury will keep him out of action for the next three weeks. Robin Van Persie had limped off the ground in the Carling Cup game against Birmingham City, which Birmingham won.
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger revealed Persie’s condition, saying, “I am not a specialist, but he overstretched his knee at the back when he made the volley against Birmingham on Sunday.” started for Arsenal against Leyton Orient but it was Nicklas Bendtner who came in to join the party by scoring a magnificent hat-trick in Arsenal’s 5-0 impressive victory over Leyton Orient in the FA Cup fifth round replay clash.
The international, Bendtner said, “I am roaring to go out and prove my worth. I have been on a steadily improving curve”. Nicklas Bendtner is expected to take Arsenal to his desired destination by taking up the leading role upfront for the next month
in Van Persie’s absence. He is keen to make a difference with his presence in Arsenal’s next encounter against Barcelona on Tuesday.
Bendtner spoke about his favourite playing position and said, “All it takes is match practice, preferably in my favourite position to add the final touch. I play where the manager wants me to. But I will not deny that I perceive myself as a central striker”.
According to Bendtner, Arsenal possesses all the skills of players who can bring trophies home, but for that, they need to move on and focus on the remaining silverwares (Premier League, Champions League, and the FA Cup). The highly confident Bendtner is
keen to score a goal against Barcelona for the second consecutive season. He believes that they could secure a win against Spanish giants Barcelona in case they appear on the ground with a compact strategy and nice passing would be as crucial as anything else.
The mouth-watering clash between the two teams will held at the Nou Camp, home of Barcelona. There are a number of big-shots from Arsenal who have been considered for the Gunners, including Cesc Fabregas and
have already been ruled out of the match. 
After playing an impressive season with Birmingham, Nicklas Bendtner was presented with the opportunity to join AC Milan, Arsenal or Lyon in May 2007. He chose to play for the Gunners and signed a five-year contract with them.



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