Ravi Bopara aims to score for England against India – ICC World Cup 2011

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Ravi Bopara aims to score for England against India – ICC World Cup 2011
Ravi Bopara, the English batsman, is looking forward to put runs on the board in England’s next Group B match against, which will be played on the 27th of February at the Chinnaswamy Stadium.
Bopara was included in the World Cup squad at the last moment after Eoin Morgan was declared unfit. He played for England in the first match against the and was unbeaten on 30 when his team eclipsed the opposition’s more than competitive target
of 292. His inclusion in the team is deemed as a good move since he is a hard hitting batsman and plays spin very well. The conditions in the Subcontinent should suit his batting style therefore he can get valuable runs for the team.
"I have played in different countries and different conditions and am mature to prove myself," he added, sounding confident. Bopara thinks that his batting has improved immensely over the last two years and he aspires to bat up the order for England by giving
superior performances. He can also contribute to the team through his slow bowling and operate with someone like Paul Collingwood.
The England team struggled in the field against the Dutch side and will have to put up a much improved show and step up their game against the Indians. They will be particularly wary of the danger man, Virender Sehwag, who smacked a brilliant 175 in India’s
opening match. Bopara, however, played down the “Sehwag” factor.
"England will be looking forward to their tie against India and is not unnerved by the aggressive tactics of opener,” he said. “We have a strategy for every bowler and every batsman," He added.
The England batsman also commented on how much he enjoyed playing in front of the enormous Indian crowds.  He said that he didn’t think they served as a distraction and had no qualms in playing in front of roaring fans. He also stated that he will look forward
to playing in Bangalore against the Indian host in what will prove to be an experience of a life time.



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