Cricket LIVE update, ‘It wasn’t easy’ admits Afridi – ICC World Cup 2011

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Cricket LIVE update, ‘It wasn’t easy’ admits Afridi – ICC World Cup 2011 Pakistan secured victory by a massive margin of 205 runs, wiping out the Kenyan
novices in 33.1 overs.
The charismatic skipper of Pakistan back in 1983. Afridi
also broke Pakistan’s record of 5-28, made by former captain, in 2003. The victor team’s score of 317-7 is their fourth highest in the World Cup.
Pakistan’s victory against Kenya created the greatest winning margin by runs in the World Cup tournament, outdoing the 192-run triumph over in 1975.
Afridi won the toss and chose to bat first. The match started at a tedious pace as Pakistani openers, Mohammed Hafeez and Ahmed Shehzad, played sluggishly, and got bowled out at a measly score of 9 and 1, respectively. Captain, Shahid Afridi partially blamed
the condition of the pitch for the openers’ bad performance.
"Whether in batting or bowling you need a positive start. But since the ball was sticking to the pitch a little, it wasn't easy. I hope my openers don't repeat those mistakes," said Afridi.
The game picked up momentum when Kamran Akmal and Younis stepped on the pitch. Akmal and Khan scored 55 and 50 runs, respectively. The Kenyan bowlers struggled against these assertive players, eventually being able to dismiss Akmal in the 25th
over. Next, joined the crease and gave an equally tough time to the Kenyans as he piled up 65 runs.
The captain praised the hard-hitting trio claiming that such high-quality performance is expected of senior players of his calibre. Umar Akmal, who happened to be the Man of the Match, performed exceptionally well and amassed 71 runs during his gutsy batting.
Kenya’s batsmen showed a poor performance and barely managed to stand firm for a little more than 33 overs. The novice team also faced disappointment in their bowling front, as their bowlers allowed an intolerable figure of extras to the rival team, and
also made a one-day record of 37 wides. Kenyan coach, Eldine Baptiste stated that the team performed below the mark in all three departments and failed to abide by the primary fundamentals of cricket.
Batsman Obuya was the only Kenyan player who offered a consistent game play, racking up 47 runs from 58 balls. Unfortunately, he became victim to Afridi’s perilous bowling as Pakistan’s captain shrewdly claimed his 5th wicket. Kenya’s
game crumbled after their only in-form player got dismissed.
Afridi lead his team to a proud victory, sinking Kenya in the dungeons of despair as the World Cup experience continues to worsen for the novice team. The victory leaves the Pakistani supporters hankering for similar triumphs in the upcoming matches of the
World Cup. However, Afridi plays a modest captain, refraining from overstating the team’s talents, and focuses on the importance of hard work for the future matches of the World Cup.
"It's a good start, but we shouldn't be a hundred per cent satisfied, there is a lot of work ahead of us still," said the captain.



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