Formula 1 driver Vitantonio Liuzzi stranded between HRT drive and Force India payment

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Formula 1 driver Vitantonio Liuzzi stranded between HRT drive and Force India payment
The Italian Formula one driver and recent Force India driver Vitantonio Liuzzi is in a bit of strange situation as technically he is still under force India’s contract and resolving his payment issue with them. Meanwhile he has also test driven the Hispania
Racing Team car in hope that he will get confirmed on the last remaining seat on the formula one grid.
Last year his performance did not impress Force India who let him go to make room for the Scot Paul De Resta. He was also considered as a stand-in for the injured Renault driver Robert Kubica, but Nick Heidfeld jumped in and got the opportunity. His last
chance to be a Formula one driver in 2011 season is with HRT.
If HRT confirms him, which is also not sure, then Force India will not be bound to pay him, as HRT team boss Colin Kolles has said about Liuzzi that, “a strong contender for the second seat.”
But as the 2011 Formula 1 season is only a month away, no word has come from HRT. Liuzzi said, “At the moment nothing is decided, we're just having good talks and we'll listen in the next days to see what will happen.”
HRT is also being reported to have contacted a former saviour of HRT, Christian Klien. Klien impressed HRT when in 2010 he raced in three Grand Prix’s for the stressed team.
As HRT are looking somewhat short on sponsors, money might be at the back of their mind when they select the other driver. So they will possibly consider money along with experience and talent.
As far as paying and driving is concerned, Liuzzi is refusing to pay for a drive at HRT. He said, “They would prefer a driver that brings money I guess, but it's not my case because I've never done it and I cannot start now. I bring my experience, my speed
and I do my best for the team, that's for sure.”
With only one month reaming for HRT and to decide it will be interesting to see which one they pick for their still unrevealed car.



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