Cincinnati Reds, Jonny Gomes sympathizes with Adam Wainwright

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Cincinnati Reds, Jonny Gomes sympathizes with Adam Wainwright
The St. Louis Cardinals will be without Adam Wainwright in their pitching rotation and the reason can be allocated to an elbow injury. The team is currently in Jupiter, Florida and are hard at work to prepare the players for the new Major League Baseball
The player sustained the injury during his workout and he’s heading to St. Louis for a MRI scan. The team is looking at a long absence of Adam from the team and the reason is due to a Tommy John surgery.
When the news was announced recently, Cincinnati Reds’ outfielder, Jonny Gomes, was reported to be rejoicing over the news.
However, the player recently came out to deny the reports openly. Adam won 20 games for his club last year and came second in the 2010 Cy Young voting ballot for the major award.
"To clear up everything, I came up with Wainwright. I know Wainwright. I think he's one of the top-notch pitchers in the National League and baseball. Outside of different uniforms that we wear and different cities we play in, playing in the Major Leagues,
we're all brothers. There's a brotherhood there. There's one thing you would never wish upon any other player and that's an injury”.
Gomes went on to talk about Adam, citing that if Wainwright wasn’t able to return from injury, that wouldn’t matter to the Reds. However Gomes believes that the St. Louis Cardinals will be able to bring someone else with a high price tag.
Nevertheless, it’s irrefutable to say that Wainwright would have been the best option the Cards would have settled with. The player isn’t only familiar with the team and the squad, but he’s well acquainted with the experience at the club.
The club’s chances for a better season in 2011 have fallen and that is a reality that will play a major role during the year.



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