Chelsea’s Yuri Zhirkov threatens to leave the Blues if not given first team action

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English Premier League club Chelsea have received another notice from their winger Yuri Zhirkov that he might consider leaving the club in the summer if he does not get himself in Carlo Ancelotti’s permanent plans.
This ultimatum came after the Russian announced himself fit and ready to be a part of the Chelsea side. The winger was out with an Achilles injury and has recently recovered after a 3-month lay off.
“After a week of full-scale training, my condition has visibly improved. Physically I now feel absolutely normal,” the winger said after attending a week of training.
Zhirkov wants to get into Chelsea’s starting eleven and cement his place in the Blues side. He was signed from Central Sports Club of Army, (CSKA) Moscow in 2009 after winning the favour of current Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti.
Zhirkov has not been a regular member of the Blues and has only managed to make 29 appearances since his arrival at Stamford Bridge for 18 million Pounds.
It is believed that Zhirkov’s former club, CSKA are considering re-signing him after seeing the Russian being continually ignored in London. The Russian Champions, Zenit St Petersburg are also believed to be interested in the Chelsea winger and would bid
for him once he is certain to leave the club.
Chelsea, the current English Premier League Champions, are currently 5th in the League table and are fighting for a place in the 2011-12 season’s UEFA Champions League. The Blues are all set to take on Manchester United on 1 March, 2011 which
might prove to be decisive in their struggling season.
Among this entire situation, Carlo Ancelotti is unlikely to react to this ultimatum as his focus is upon preparing his side for the upcoming encounter and to help them finish in the top four.
Zhirkov has been very clear in his stance that he would not think twice in leaving the club come the end of the season if he does not get an opportunity to blend in the starting eleven.
“My only target at the moment is to get back into the main Chelsea team,” said the winger. “If I'm successful with that, all the other issues will resolve themselves.”



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